TYDEEY 12 in T Square Ruler T-Shaped Woodworking Scriber Measuring Tool , Aluminum Alloy Layout and Measuring Tools

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  • [Durable and Precise]: Crafted from high-quality aluminum alloy and CNC machined with precision, this T Ruler is wear-resistant, rust-proof, and designed to withstand the test of time. Its durable construction ensures longevity, making it an ideal tool for various applications.
  • [Versatile Applications]: Featuring a straight ruler design, anodized aluminum blade, and a clear scale with precise holes, this ruler is perfect for woodworking, crafting, hole marking, precision marking, tee square, vertical scribing, and other measuring needs. It serves as an indispensable measuring ruler for woodworking enthusiasts and professionals alike.
  • [Comfortable to Operate]: Enhanced with an upgraded handle design, this ruler provides a comfortable grip and allows for smooth movement, ensuring ease of use even during extended periods of operation. Its ergonomic design ensures optimal comfort for prolonged usage.
  • [Precise Holes & Clear Scale]: The ruler’s meticulously crafted holes and clear scale facilitate effortless reading and accurate placement of marks. This feature makes it an essential tool for woodworking, precision applications, and other tasks that demand accuracy. With its marking ruler capabilities, it excels as a woodworking ruler with 90-degree angles, serving as a reliable woodworking scriber ruler.

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T Square Ruler 12in

Introducing the Tydeey Upgrade Woodworking Precision T Ruler, a must-have tool for carpentry and architectural drawing design.

Crafted with high-quality aluminum alloy material and CNC machined for precision, this ruler is wear-resistant, rust-proof, and durable, ensuring it won’t easily break under pressure.

This measuring ruler is designed to make your measuring and marking tasks easier and more accurate, offering versatility for woodworking, crafts, and other applications.

12 Inch T ruler Square for woodworking

The ruler boasts precise holes and clear scales, which are easy to read, allowing you to place your marks exactly on target with precision marking.

Its upgraded handle, large and stable, provides a comfortable grip, ensuring smooth movement and making it ideal for extended periods of use.

The T Ruler also offers an upgraded 31-inch and 39-inch long ruler handle, designed for comfortable and precise sliding.

12 Inch T ruler for woodworking

Whether you are a professional carpenter or a dedicated DIY enthusiast, the Tydeey Upgrade Woodworking Precision T Ruler is the perfect tool for all your marking needs.

Its aluminum alloy design guarantees wear-resistance, rust-proofing, and durability, making it an indispensable tool in your workshop.

Can Stop You.

Unlock Precision in Every Project: Discover Tydeey's 12-inch T Square Ruler – Your Ultimate Tool for Flawless Measurements and Unmatched Accuracy. See It in Action Now!

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High-Quality Material.

Durable, rust-proof aluminum alloy.


Versatile Use.

Perfect for precise measurements.


Ergonomic Design.

Comfortable and easy to use.


Precision Marking:

Precise scale with holes for marking.

T Square Ruler 12in

Available in four different lengths - 24 inches, 31 inches, and 36 inches - the  Woodworking Precision T Square Ruler features an anodized aluminum blade that guarantees its longevity.

With hole distances of 1/16 inch, this ruler excels in applications such as hole marking, parallel scribing, and vertical scribing. It serves as a reliable woodworking scriber ruler, catering to the needs of professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike.

T square ruler for woodworking 12 Inch - Package

Order your Tydeey  Woodworking Precision T Square Ruler today and experience the convenience and accuracy it provides.

Each package includes one red and black colored Woodworking T Square, ensuring you have everything you need for your projects.





Aluminum Alloy


  • Hole mark.
  • Parallel scribe.
  • Vertical scribe.



Available Sizes

12, 24, 31, 39 Inches


  • wear-resistant
  • rust-proof, and durable

Package included:

  • 1 x T Square Ruler 12 Inch.
  • Foam protected package.
16 reviews

16 reviews for TYDEEY 12 in T Square Ruler T-Shaped Woodworking Scriber Measuring Tool , Aluminum Alloy Layout and Measuring Tools

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  1. Philip C.

    Came very well packed in perfect condition. Set it up with a good machinist square. Holes every 1/32 for scribing. Make sure to select inch graduations if you don’t want metric. Good value!

  2. Michael E. Shake

    First let me state that I’m a retired Tool&Diemaker so I’m used to precision instruments. This came very well packaged in a sturdy box with foam padding. It come with the black handle unassembled. By the way the handle is aluminum as it the rule. The rule fits very tightly into the milled slot in the handle which is what you want so there is zero play side to side. It also has two pins to position it so the edge of the handle lines up perfectly with the zero mark on the rule. After assembling the handle I checked it for squareness using a bevel edged machinist square which is square to a couple ten thousands of an inch. This product is about as perfectly 90 degrees as you can get. The rule itself is marked clearly and is easy to read. I love the holes which fit a mechanical pencil. You just place the rule on your piece with the handle against the edge, place your pencil in the appropriate hole and slide the rule along your piece keeping it tight against the edge and you get a perfect line that’s always going to be parallel to your edge and at the exact distance you want. I highly recommend it!

  3. Glenn

    I ordered the 24-inch version of this T-square and it arrived very well packaged. It is constructed out of aluminum and comes in two pieces which you must assemble. It is a very snug fit and the screws and a hex key are supplied for assembly. This T-square is spot on with its accuracy and the quality is good. The scribe holes are in 1/16-inch increments and works well with a mechanical pencil. I am very pleased with this T-square and am very happy to have it in my workshop.

  4. American Consumer

    What I like the most about this is the ease with which one can scribe a line parallel to an edge using a simple mechanical pencil. I also like the fact that it’s true and accurate. I ordered the 24 inch version as that corresponds best to the sizes of projects I work on. However, I may add the 12 inch version later.

    Assembly is quite straightforward. There are four M4 flathead machine screws that secure the T to the ruler. Six screws are provided in case you lose or damage up to two of them. When you tighten the screws, go around several times as the ruler has two blind holes that are designed to mate precisely with two bosses on the T that guarantee alignment. However, it is a tight-tolerance fit which requires cycling through all four screws several times to mate the two surfaces properly.

    Once assembled, I checked for trueness and determined that it’s spot on. Scribe lines on the top row are in ? inch increments. However, there is a second row for marking halfway between the ? inch marks. Thus, you are able – using the second row – to work in 1/16 inch increments. I tested a few of the scribe lines and then compared them with a dial caliper and found them to be correct. (See my photo.) This is the only square I have with the scribing capability. It’s a great addition to my suite of woodworking measuring and scribing tools.

    – Sturdy
    – Fair value
    – Easy to read
    – Square is true
    – Will not oxidize
    – Easy to assemble
    – Aluminum ruler is red anodized
    – Scribe lines are dimensionally accurate
    – Numbers and lines are white for good contrast
    – Both sides and all measurements are inches only (I really don’t need any metric in the woodshop)
    – Ruler divided into 1/16 inch increments which is about as much resolution as you need for woodworking

    – Various typos and mistranslations in the listing
    – The “1/16 Increments” text on the ruler has the slash backwards “116”

    Overall, this is a quality square with scribing to the nearest 1/16 inch. It’s square and accurate and one of the more useful tools in my woodshop. I hope you found this review helpful.

  5. Smart Shopper

    This T-Square / Ruier is not only well made, it looks cool… It feels like a precision tool and performs the same. I picked up a 24″ version (it comes in 4 sizes) and my only gripe is that there is that the measurement holes for marking end at 23 5/8″ when 24″ even is a very useful mark. Of course i could move up to the 31″ one but that becomes less convenient when working with 24″ cuts.

    Shipped in a secure foam insert. install 4 machine screws with the included hex key and you are ready to go. Be careful not to overtighten the screws as you could strip one with too much force. The fit is tight and I checked with my precision square I use for my table saw blade setup and it was perfectly square as closely as i could measure.

  6. Arthur Miller

    I am learning how to do cabinetry so that I can construct my own kitchen cabinets for our house remodel. I have constructed several items now including a bathroom vanity. I have learned that you need high quality exact tools because 1/32″ is huge in this trade. I saw the TYDEEY 24, in Precision Ruler Square and thought I would give it a try. Here are my thoughts on this square:
    1) The handle is held in place with two pins and four screws. The pins are to align the handle so it sits exactly 90 degrees from the ruler. I set the handle on the pins and screwed in the screws and noticed that the handle was sitting crooked on the ruler and I could see light between the handle and the ruler. I took out the screws and found that the holes that the pins set in were to small to accommodate the pins. Either the pins were not milled to the right diameter or the holes were not. You certainly want it to fit tight because you cannot have any slop when using a 90 degree square.
    I should have stopped there and sent the ruler back, but it was so close to fitting that I went the garage and put the ruler and handle in my vice and cranked it down between two boards. It did go together with a huge amount of pressure and I kept a close eye while doing it so it would stay square. One thing I can say for sure, the handle is not coming off of this unit.
    But this experience leads me to believe that this company may have some quality control and quality assurance issues that will effect consistency between each product. That is why I state in my title that this is not a Woodpecker that has such consistency that the scales on any of their items will be exact with any other of their products.
    2) I figured I probably ruined my square and now certainly would not be able to return it. So I went and checked it to see how square it was from other items that I know are square to a high decimal point of accuracy. It passed the test. I was lucky.
    3) The measurements and holes are very helpful when needing to scribe a line on stock with a true edge. Yes you need a mechanical pencil but again accuracy is critical so you want a precise hole and a mechanical pencil.
    4) I have used it and I am getting consistent results that are improving my accuracy in cabinetry.
    This may not be at the level of a Woodpecker product but it also does not come at the price tag of a Woodpecker. But with that said, I have found that this ruler is giving very accurate and consistent results which is the end goal we are all striving for in our woodworking. With that said I recommend this product, but if the pins do not fit, please send it in for replacement instead of heading for the garage!

  7. Brenden R. Mcelroy

    I didn’t really know that I needed a T-square with the scribing capability of this one until I had one to use. It’s extremely handy to have when accurate measurements are a must. The square slides easily across the top of your boards and allows you to measure and mark easily to 1/16″ increments. There was some minor assembly required but as soon as you pick it up you feel the quality and durability that this product brings to your projects.

  8. E.M.Bilek

    Accurate 90-degree cuts and measurements are essential to fine woodworking. While other angles are also used, 90-degrees is the one most often used. As such, an accurate T-square is an extraordinarily-useful tool. This is an accurate T-square. It has a solid feel to it. The measurements are etched and marked. There are holes all along the center of the square, allowing a scratch mark or line to be made. The square is accurate as are the measurements. The tool feels good in the hand. I’m pleased to have this T-square and to recommend it; it’s an excellent tool and a precision instrument.

  9. Amazon Customer

    This arrives in two pieces that are then secured by machine screws. The two pieces lock in tight without wiggle room, and mine was accurate out of the box. The screws drop in perfectly and flush against the top.

    In the video, I checked it against my table saw, the most square tool I own and refer to for everything. The table saw frame obscures it a little, but the square is pressed firmly against the table and runs true 90 degrees all the way down the miter track. I can’t wait to put it to use!

    The laser marks are spot on end to end, and it has a nice fit and finish.

    It is not able to measure 24”- it stops at 23 3/4. Thought I should mention it in case it’s a deal breaker.

    After seeing it in person, I would definitely purchase this T Square.

  10. Jeffrey Thomas

    This is a really nice T-square at a great price! It’s nice and sturdy aluminum, comes with 2 extra screws in case the top crossbar loses a couple, and feels quite durable. It’s long enough to be used on large pieces of lumber like sheets of plywood. This thing should last for years! Awesome buy!

  11. CountryLife

    This T-Square is definitely high quality and good enough for professional use. I got the 24-inch model and it is solidly constructed of aluminum and well-built. It stays in place and provides a good line for marking. The SAE scales (it doesn’t do metric) are easy to read and they make the measuring job a snap. The 1/8” spaced holes really come in handy for accurate markings. I haven’t used a T-square of this quality in quite some time, and it sure makes the job easier. I like it and recommend it highly; it is a quality measuring tool.

  12. Ken Jones

    This comes in two pieces with extra hardware and a hex key. The fit is too tight to put together by hand. I put the screws in loose and did quarter turns bringing everything together very gradually. This results in a very sturdy joint. My sample was checked with a reference square from multiple directions and was dead on. The way it is built you can’t do the mark-flip-mark comparison. I used a framing square and flipped it both ways and it was dead on with that one as well. I also tested the pin holes and you need a sharp pencil or a mechanical pencil to fit the small holes, but this provides better accuracy. This, too, was dead on checked with multiple rules and measures.

    I’d say well worth the money as long as you’re meticulous with the assembly. I got the 24″ version.

    100% recommend.

  13. SMisa

    This t-shaped ruler is really great to make sure things are straight and at the correct angle. The material is made of some really good quality metal. It feels like this will last a while with some gentle beating around.

  14. CST

    This square comes well-packaged, and I was impressed with the quality of all the pieces when I opened it. The ruler attaches to the square with 4 small screws, and an Allen wrench and extra screws were included in the package. There are two raised bumps on the square that match with two recesses in the ruler to facilitate proper alignment. After assembling, I tested for accuracy, and it was near perfect. The marking holes used for scribing will fit a mechanical pencil easily, but not much larger unless you have a regular pencil that’s really sharp or use a fine-tipped pen. I’m now looking at their other products after being fully impressed by this one.

  15. David White

    Im shocked at how precise and tight the machining is on this. Before you install the four screws you snap it in place and theres absolutely no movement at all. Then after installing the screws its unbelievably tight. I put some locktight blue i had on the screw tips just incase though. Theres no locktight already on the threads so you gotta get your own. The aluminum is super thick so you can really abuse this thing if you need to. Great square. Nice and simple and does a great job!

  16. KMG365

    This is a very nice quality T square. It is made of aluminum and is precision machined and is quite nicely built. The precision of having holes for each 1/16″ is really nice. I’m pretty impressed by this.


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